What can we tell you about us?

Pat and Mike pastored in Colorado and Florida for several years before moving to Guatemala 26 years ago with their two young sons. Upon arriving in Guatemala, Mike started his missionary life as a teacher in a Bible School for leaders and pastors. After a year, he felt led of the Lord to start his own Bible School.

Along the way, Pat and Mike started an elementary school for indigenous Mayan children, 2 very dynamic children’s programs with feeding programs. They founded the Revival Center, a church in Guatemala City.

Their family grew as they adopted two Mayan children and took under their personal care three abandoned teenagers.  They also began working in a remote desert area of Guatemala reachable only by 4x4 vehicle or a 3 hour walk.

Mike Black Ministries runs a radio programs every Monday through Sunday. They receive short-term missions groups and travel often to the United States to minister the Word of God in churches.

During their years on the mission field, Pat and Mike have seen countless healing miracles, demonic deliverances and supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit through their ministries. Violence and personal danger are common concerns for Mike and Pat and their ministry team.  However, they have never doubted the apostolic call upon their lives for the nation of Guatemala and all Latinos throughout the world.

The staff of Mike Black Ministries is made up of:

  • a paid staff of five full-time Guatemalans,
  • missionaries from England and the United States
  • several volunteers here in the field,
  • a stateside representative who handles our finances and correspondence,
  • good-hearted churches and individuals in the United States who financially support us,
  • a corporate Board of Directors
  • Mike and Pat Black

Mike Black Ministries is a non-profit organization that offers tax-exemption to its financial contributors.

Mike Black accepts invitations to minister the Word and share the dream that God has for Guatemala in U.S. churches and organizations.



Mike Black

Founder and Director

Pat Black

Founder and Director

Roberto Black

Feeding Program Manager

Porfirio Black

Construction / Maintenance

Carlos Zet

Radio Ministry Editor / Children's Club HR

Humberto Mérida

Children's Club Minister / Church Administration

Rachel Potter

Children's Club Minister / Missionary

David Morales

Design / Social Media