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Missions and missionaries are a vital segment of God’s global plan to offer an extensive variety of spiritual, social and humanitarian help for all people. Our missionary organization relies on the faithful financial help of generous people, businesses, churches, Sunday School classes, youth groups, and senior citizen centers to help us take care of other people that need a prayer, a meal or a hug of hope.

Mike Black Ministries is a non-profit, Christian organization funded by the generous donations of people like you. We are very frugal with the finances we receive and understand that you work very hard for your income.

Your donations to the ministry allow us to live in Guatemala as missionaries and build the Kingdom of God in the hearts of the people of Guatemala.

If your heart is moved to sow a financial seed to help our endeavors, you can trust that your donation is going to a worthy cause.

Your donations to the ministry provide for:

  • Payroll for our staff of five
  • Radio programming in Guatemala
  • Schooling for select young people
  • Food for our children’s programs of  400 kids
  • Supplies for our missions project in the desert
  • Maintenance for our ministry center
  • Ministry equipment
  • Office related expenses
  • Benevolence expenses
  • Expenses in the church that we pastor
  • Expenses for our bible school