SUV 4x4 Nissan Pathfinder parking on a bed river in the middle of the jungle

Piedra Ancha

Piedra Ancha is a community of about 300 people located deep within the desert mountains of eastern Guatemala.

Piedra Ancha is a community of about 300 people located deep within the desert mountains of eastern Guatemala.  It’s a 3 1/2 hour drive from our ministry center to where we leave the road for the river bed.  It’s another 40 minutes of 4×4 driving through the river and up the mountain to Piedra Ancha.  If you are walking from the river, plan on a 3 hour hike.

What we’ve done

Mike Black Ministries has been working with this unreached area of Guatemala for the last 12 years:

  • Ministering the message of salvation,
  • Feeding the community, 
  • Working with the children through dynamic children’s programs
  • Bringing shoes, toys, clothes and medicines.

This place is so remote and cut off from civilization that there are no stores, streets, doctors or any modern conveniences.   The people live in houses made of mud and sticks, and when possible, they live off the land growing beans and corn. There is hunger in Piedra Ancha. Some have electricity but no one has running water in their homes.  There is a two room school  with about 125 children. They have no school supplies and teaching only happens when the river’s water height permits it.

We love these people so very much and really enjoy spending time with them.

Piedra Ancha is a great place to make a donation

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