Radio 2015 MBMThe radio ministry that we have in Guatemala reaches 3.5 million people and is very effective and successful. Living in a Spanish speaking country and ministering the Word of God as a second language is a challenge, but God is blessing that. Additionally, Mike is the only North American on Christian radio in Guatemala.

RADIO - Humberto, MikeWhen talking to the radio manager where we air one of our programs, we were told that our ratings surpass that of other programs and they receive more phone calls about our program than any other. Wow!  What a great place to invest God’s time and money.

We desire to expand this area of ministry not only for the success that God has given us but because radio ministry really meets a personal need of getting beyond the four walls of our church and offering a fresh Word to this country.

Our 30-minute program is on the air 5 days a week at 6am.

If you would like to help us expand, $ 400 per month will take us to the next level.  Click here and in the special instructions area write “For Radio.”  Thank you so much.