Update – April 2017

It’s great to be in touch with you… may God pour out his blessings upon you. We just want to share a few things about what has been going on in Guatemala.

Jesus is the Bread of life

A special thanks for the great sandwhiches we are able to provide to approximately 275+ kids at our Saturday (Rejón) and Sunday (Santiago) children’s clubs.

Our Church, The Revival Center

Our church, The Revival Center, in Guatemala suffered a financial attack starting in October of 2016 which left us on the edge of closing the church as each month passed by. We dug our heels into this situation in January with special fundraisers, teachings on giving, motivations to our leaders to keep their financial commitments and we prayed.

We seem to be pulling out of this slump which is “good news”.  We love our church and we see God doing such neat things.

Our pharmacy in Piedra Ancha

About a year and half ago, we opened up a simple pharmacy in our mountain desert project to make life a little easier for the people who live there.  Well, it has done very well. The people who live there don’t have to walk 2 hours down and 2 ½ hours back up the mountain to buy a cold tablet or a Tylenol.  In addition, our administrator up there is making a little profit.  A special thanks to those who sowed into this project and to those through their general offerings help us get up to Piedra Ancha each month.

Just a nice picture

We finally get to eat… Our church just celebrated its 22nd anniversary in March.

In conclusion:

Thank you very much for sharing your finances with us. The biggest and the longest move of God that we have seen as missionaries in Guatemala has been how YOU give into missions. Incredible!

Love your all very much,
Mike and Pat Black