Update – August 2016

Dear Friends,

Thanks for reading our update; as always it’s a great way to stay connected with missions and see God’s Love in action!

We finally initiated our feeding program in our mountain desert project, Piedra Ancha

With months of planning and several trips to this location, we bought all the equipment we needed, built a metal building for the kitchen and began feeding around 125 children. We hired our administrator, his wife and one of his grown kids to manage the program, do the cooking and the serving. We will be going up there once a month to drop off the food, replenish the propane gas and minister to the people.

My staff and I were all amazed that our cooks didn’t know how to light a gas stove and for the first time in their lives they were making the tortillas on a gas griddle instead of using firewood under a clay slab.

Evangelistic Campaign  

The night before we initiated our feeding program in Piedra Ancha, we sang happy songs and ministered the Word.  The message came from Job 14:14, “If a man dies, will he live again?” We had almost the whole community there even though you can’t see them in the photo.

Apart from that activity our team of 8 spent the night up there. I slept in the bed of my new pick- up truck.  I thought there was an earth tremor in the night—but it was just the pigs scratching themselves on the truck tires.

In conclusion:

Please remember us in your prayers.  We deal with an enemy that shows us no mercy.  We know that you understand this.  Apart from that, getting involved financially in this new feeding program will be a blessing to the project and will add to your heavenly account.

Love you always,

Missionaries / Pastors Mike and Pat Black