Update – December 2016

We speak the blessing of the Lord over your
New Year 2017 and we wish you
a very Merry Christmas

Great things to share from the ministry:

Our desert mountain project

Just the other day, we went up to Piedra Ancha to drop off 4 weeks of food supplies for the kids, had a children’s campaign with lots of laughs, fed the children and their parents plus gave them a light weight blanket for Christmas. We are pleased to inform you that here is where some of your donations go.

These people lost their crops again, which sustain them during the year, due to the lack of rain. Our time with them brought joy and a day to forget about their problems.

I love my wife’s smile

Even though Guatemalans do not celebrate Thanksgiving, Pat prepared for our kids at church a very cool “turkey” craft and shared on being thankful for all that God gives us.

A 32 channel sound mixer was donated to the Revival Center Church

Through the connections of a great church in Florida that supports our work in Guatemala, we were super blessed to receive this kind of a blessing for our church. We are so thrilled and grateful for all the hands, labor and finances that were invested into getting this mixer to Guatemala. We are still tweaking it and enjoying it.

Some thoughts from Mike.

We hope you all had a good year, but if you didn’t, you made it up to today and you’ll keep on going and you will overcome.  Never abandon your hope!

In conclusion:

Thank you all for taking the time to look at our electronic up-date, donating to our missionary work in Guatemala and praying for us.

Mike and Pat Black