Update – January 2017

Dear Friends:

In 2017, consider making the decision that you will not “abandon your hope in the Lord” under any circumstance.  Trust Him beyond what you think He can do for you. God is with you and for you in every situation. God bless you in 2017!

Things to share:


Our stateside office will be moving from Melbourne, Florida to Arvada, Colorado, starting in January of this year.  After 15 years of dedicated service to the Lord and to Mike Black Ministries, our treasured friend Janice Clift will be relinquishing this vital part of our ministry to our son, Bart Black, who lives in Colorado.

There are no words to describe how much Janice has helped Pat and I and the people we serve in Guatemala. We speak God’s blessing over Janice and we can’t wait to see how many crowns and rewards God is going to give her on Judgment Day.  All of our contributors, field staff and the people of Guatemala say “thank you” to Janice with all our love.

What our contributors need to know:

  1. All mail sent to our Melbourne, FL post office box will be transferred to our post office box that is up and running in Arvada, CO.
  2. We will be sending new contribution envelopes with the new Colorado address printed on the envelope.
  3. The new direction is:
Mike Black Ministries
P.O. Box 740928
Arvada, Colorado 80006
Stateside phone number: 1-407-761-8649

In conclusión

We welcome Bart Black to our ministry staff. If you have any questions you can call Bart at 1-407-761-8649 or write Pat at mbmguate@hotmail.com.


Our first Youth Congress at
The Revival Center Church

In December, a handful of youth from the church organized a big youth event, which included local music groups y two semi famous groups known on a national level. The event was very contemporary, fun and a great experience for the young people that participated.

With a few “led” Christmas lights and a simple fog machine we looked like the big time. The youth event was super successful.

Our El Rejón Project (Children)

One of our outreaches includes a feeding program one day a week and a children’s church on another day. We just what to make mention that the Mayor and the town council of  El Rejón, visited our program to say “thank you for feeding their children and blessing them with so much.”

The Glory is God’s… and you and our team  make this happen,

Thank you everybody for your financial support

Missionaries Mike and Pat Black