Update – June 2016

Dear Friends,

May God surprise you with some real neat blessings as you go into the summer months.  We are always thinking about you. Have a great summer!

Some quick news

Pat and I spent 11 days in Florida in May visiting great churches and being with great people. We were there for a ministry board meeting, banking business, ministry and fellowship. Our friends invited us to eat some great meals and we’re still thinking about them.


Coming Up

We are preparing to receive a short term mission group of 12 from East Coast Christian Center, Merritt Island, Florida in less than 2 weeks. We will be:

  1. Spending 2 days at Piedra Ancha–our desert mountain project, building a place to put our kitchen for our new feeding program, working on the play ground and celebrating a mini-vbs with the kids.
  2. Giving shoes that this church donated for the children at our El Rejón project.
  3. Participating at our weekly feeding program

+   also accomplishing many other great things for the Lord and the people
of Guatemala.

Thought for the day… When the devil starts squeezing you to the point you hurt… squeeze back, be strong and use the spiritual tools that God has given you.

May God’s Face shine upon you and give you peace,

Missionaries / Pastors Mike and Pat Black