Update – March 2017

Dear Friends:

Thank you for taking the time to look at our ministry up-date. We hope good things are occurring in your lives and if they’re not, please know that Pat and I mention you in our prayers every day.


Our El Rejón Feeding Program

Our El Rejón feeding program continues to be such a worthwhile outreach to the children of this community. Every week a parent thanks us for feeding their children. You can imagine how the program helps the parents, especial when they have 6 or 7 kids to feed. Thanks to your financial help, we are touching and loving precious little lives.


Our Piedra Ancha feeding program has some interesting thoughts as well

Our Piedra Ancha feeding program is new and is a learning process. We recently started losing kids which became of interest to us, so we asked around and this is what we found out. The people up there eat their beans without any spices, garlic, a tomato or two, cilantro nor onions to give their beans some flavor.

Well a lot of kids have stomach worms and the garlic that we put in the beans was irritating the parasites to the point that the children were getting sick, so they stopped coming.

Solution: Now we are preparing the food the way they prepare it—still nutritious but tasteless and lifeless.

Feeding program in Piedra Ancha, Guatemala

Church life at the Revival Center

Even though all looks good and is good, the spiritual opposition against our church has never been so intense.

The Revival Center Church, Guatemala

Family Life

Please pray for us:

  1. Kidnapping children these days in Guatemala is epidemic… protection.
  2. Our church needs some breakthroughs… provision.
Thanks for your prayers and your generosity,
Mike and Pat Black