Update – November 2016

Dear Friends:

Everybody is a little restless with the elections just days away but regardless of the outcome, we remain the people of God, citizens of heaven and a holy and righteous nation in Christ Jesus that cannot be shaken or taken. Regardless of the outcome of the elections, God’s mission in the earth to reach the lost and establish His kingdom in the hearts of men, does not change.

We want to thank you once again for the confidence that you deposit in us as missionaries and fellow servants in the Lord.

Please take a look at some of great things we have been doing.

Baptism Service at the Revival Center Church 

Once a year we celebrate baptisms. In September we baptized 26 people and during this particular event there was so much joy and everybody had a lot of fun.  Our tank is homemade and collapsible.  It consists of 4 sheets of plywood, several 2” x 4” rings(wood) placed around the plywood and plastic tarps placed on the inside.

Feeding Program Piedra Ancha

We go up to Piedra Ancha every month now to deliver 4 to 5 weeks of feeding program supplies. This trip was different. It had just rained before we got to the first crossing and the river was to deep to cross in our 4 x 4, so our cooks come down to get the supplies.

In conclusión:

We hope you enjoyed our full color paper newsletter that we sent out at the end of October. If you did not get one please contact us.

We love and appreciate you.
Missionaries/Pastors Mike and Pat Black