Update Porfirio’s Visa

Update on Porfirio’s visa:

Hello again to all,

Porfirio’s visa was denied.

What’s the problem?

The Immigration Service at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala is chastising him for having a legal baby under legal circumstances in the U.S. (something that happened 4 years ago).

They made this fact very clear and this decision was a predetermined “NO”.The interview was 30 seconds long.

This is not the end of the world, but prohibits us as a family to visit my two other sons and family abroad.

Now, Pat and I have to involve a lawyer, spend time and money going round and round with this situation.

The prayers were not wasted, we are so grateful for your spiritual help. We know that God wants us to move around as a family, so we see this situation as a spiritual battle and we will overcome.

Question: Does anybody know somebody in the “US State Department” that could maybe help us?

God bless you all,

Pat and Mike Black