Special Update – Volcan Eruption May 2018

Dear Friends,

This update is a “special edition” of photos of the volcanic eruption near our home in Guatemala. This happened on the 3rd of June. Here are some of the pictures are graphic and others are just amazing. First of all, this eruption was a glimpse of what happened in the volcanic eruption of Pompeii, in Italy, in 79 AD but on a much smaller scale.

As the result of this eruption, houses were buried in a mix of scalding hot ash, gases, water, sand and rocks. The lava up to 16 to 20 feet deep. The speed of this liquid ash came down the volcano at about 125 miles per hour. The temperature reached 212 degrees F.

Because of this eruption, we have seen the poorest and richest of the people in Guatemala pull together in an unprecedented way to help the victims of this natural disaster.  They have donated food, clothing, medicines and other necessitates. It has been 10 days since this eruption and the volcano is still very unstable. Poses continual threats to the area, rescue workers, humanitarian aid workers and survivors who want to return to what’s left of their homes and look for love ones.

The motive for this “special edition” of photos is not to overwhelm anybody with sadness but rather to share our experience with you.

The eruption starts at 1 pm on Sunday the 3rd of June.

First Eruption

Some images from the damage.

In this satelital image below you can see a town that was totally destroyed.

Policemen, soldiers and firemen are the real heroes in this tragedy.

The heat of the ground burned the glue off of shoes.


Exhausted firemen are eating after hours of hard work.

There are hundreds of people who lost family in this eruption.

Our church collected food, water and clothes for the people affected by this eruption.

We will never forget this experience.

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