Update April 2019

Dearest Friends,

The end of March through April was well spent for the Glory of God and you are part of our success!

  1. A very moving 24th church anniversary
  2. Preparing for and hosting for a fantastic short-term missions group

Our Church Anniversary

We keep our celebrations simple compared to the culture among the other Christian churches in Guatemala.  Some of this is keeping out entertainment which is so common.  One of our prized Bible School graduates from 25 years ago and an ordained minister from our church ministered on the responsibilities of the local church.

The presence of God showed up and we ministered to our church leaders and visiting pastors and ministers. We ended our service with a covered dish lunch which is totally an American church custom. 

We hosted a fantastic short-term missions group

Our week consisted in:

  • A children’s campaign in Piedra Ancha   
  • Working at our Feeding Program
  • Having a work day at our children’s compound
  • Giving out brand new shoes to about 450 kids which were donated by the sending church
  • Enjoying a Sunday service and tourist time

We want to thank East Coast Christian Center, Merritt Island, Florida, for an awesome and beneficial time for the Kingdom of God.

ECCC TeamSplash at Piedra Ancha

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Home life at the Black’s

1  We have had car problems for the last two months;  tow trucks, rescues and the norm of no available car parts in Guatemala. When we can’t get car parts like a simple thermostat, our cars just sit, until we go up to the States or somebody comes down–missionary life.  We are starting to make some head way.
2  The renewal for Porfirio’s, our adopted son’s, tourist visa was just denied after having one for the last 20 years.  The application costs $300 with no guarantees.  We are reapplying at this time, so please lift this situation up to God.  Without this Visa, our lives become seriously complicated. Thanks.

In conclusion:

We live eternally grateful for your financial support to Mike Black Ministries. We are an effective ministry in Guatemala and need your help. So, thank you.