Update April 2020

We can disarm Covid-19

I am stirred with a message to the Body of Christ

I have such a push from the Holy Spirit to motivate the Body of Christ to abandon their spiritual slumber and press into disarming and dismantling  Covid-19 in fervent intercession.  This is more than “thoughts and prayers.”

I see a few “Davids” in the Church running to the line of battle against Goliath in intercession and a whole bunch of us, hiding behind the rocks, waiting for somebody to do something about Covid-19.

I want this virus to go away like everybody else, and I am convinced that a united Body of Christians in prayer, can disarm this demon of death. 

Guatemala / What a lock down!

  • Airport closed
  • Borders closed 
  • Wearing a face mask is law / $1000 fine
  • People over 50 years old cannot go outside  
  • Traveling over county lines is prohibited 
  • Plus, many other restrictions.

Going on 7 weeks of shut down.  I believe this has truly minimized the spread of Covid-19 in Guatemala City, as 3.5 million people live on top of each other. 

So, what are we doing?

Pat and I are sharing our finances with a lot of people from our church and friends that have absolutely no food because they have no income.  I would say 90% of the country is closed down.

Every day, Pat and I count our blessings because we are eating what we want and have what we need.  So humbling.

As far as our church goes…

We have not had Sunday services for 6 weeks, like the churches in the USA. My staff is doing what they can out of their homes and I’m broadcasting our Sunday message through a cell phone at my house.  It’s hard to stay connected with our people through social networking because only about 25% of them can afford internet. It is what it is.

In conclusion

We live grateful for your prayers and financial support in this time of world crisis. God is using you to keep His Kingdom advancing in unknown places in the earth. Stay strong, safe and committed to God and to your local church. 
Love you,
Missionaries / Pastors Mike and Pat