Update April 2021

To our Appreciated Partners,

This word is for somebody: God will always make a way even if He “settles something in your heart” in order to help you accept what you don’t want to accept.

“Thus says the Lord, which makes a way in the sea, and a path in the mighty waters.”

Isaiah  43:16  

Great things to share


A few weeks ago, somebody from our church in Guatemala wanted to bless two families with a food basket, so we hooked them up to some families connected to our Children’s Program that we have known for years.  

The lady in the picture above is almost 80. We have known her for at least 10 years. I’m drawn to her for the sacrificial way she has spent the last 15 years of her life.

Here is her story…

She has taken care of her grandson who fell on his head when he was a toddler. The accident damaged his brain leaving him very mentally handicapped. This boy was always exceedingly difficult to manage and the boy’s father sort of forgot about him. Recently, do to her age and exhaustion, she gave him back to his father.

This lady who can barely walk, came to our Feeding Program looking for a plate of food. Since then, we send her a plate of food every week

God also picked this lady for a food basket

Here is her story…

The lady in the picture above, has 4 kids that came to our Children’s Club before Covid and are currently coming to our Feeding Program. This lady is in her early 30’s and is exhausted from the challenges of her poverty. Her husband works in the fields and really has no income. She lives in a one room house with her kids and husband.

Apart from her gratitude, what impressed me, was when her neighbors saw that she was receiving a food basket, they expressed their joy for this lady.  

So grateful to


Of course, the menu is different every week. We are still averaging 375 to 400 kids, weekly. Thanks for your help!

In conclusion

We are looking for:

  1. Immigration solutions for our Guatemalan family
  2. Financial breakthroughs for our church.
  3. God to multiply the financial seeds that YOU sow into Mike Black Ministries.

We love you,
Missionaries / Pastors Mike and Pat

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