Update April 2022

Mike and his Secretary Humberto, who has been with us for 20 years.

Hello to you all,

Thank you for taking the time to read our Guatemalan update.

God bless you! 

As of today

At this time, we are bringing our Ministry Center back to life again after it has sat for two years during the pandemic. We recently replaced the roof on the biggest building which is beautiful and fresh. We are also preparing the place to receive our first short term mission group, also since the pandemic.
In our efforts of getting our ministry center in shape… you will see in the photo below this article around 30 suitcases that we have been storing for the last 15 years or so.  They were once filled with new shoes that a faithful church sent down every year. Behind the camera are another 30 suitcases. Well, it was time to start getting rid of them. So, we took 25 of them and gave them to the youth who help us run the Feeding Program and the Saturday Children’s Club. They went like “hot cakes.”

Mission Groups on the way

May 10, we will be hosting a short term mission group from East Coast Christian Center, Florida.
As it has been the tradition of “East Coast Christian Center”, Florida, for many years, they sent us a special offering to buy 350 pairs of new shoes for the kids for our two children’s out reaches. This group will be putting these shoes on children’s little feet among other tasks. 

And June 7th

We are excited to host new friends from, Rose Heights Church of God, a great church from Texas. Of course, we are grateful for their friendship and support of Mike Black Ministries.  We are looking forward to this group as well.

We always believe God for life changing experiences for all those who come down to visit us and serve with us on the mission field.  Apart from the investments that each group sows into the work here, my family and I greatly benefit from the fellowship we receive.

Our son Porfirio and our great friend David

In conclusion: If your church is considering a mission trip, consider us.

Our 2 Feeding Programs maintain their momentum

Thanks so much for getting behind this financially.

That’s all for now.

Your giving to Mike Black Ministries is a financial phenomenon for us. Giving into World Missions is your revelation and conviction from God. Thank you.

Mike and Pat Black