Update August 2021

Update August 2021 – Keeping in touch with a purpose…
In spite of challenging times… we all can make the best of our day by being the light in the darkness.  

“The people which sat in darkness saw a great light”
Matthew 4:16

You and I are that light, as we provide acts of kindness, patience and consideration of others. Whether people recognize what we are doing or not… God does and we do overcome the darkness.

Church life is the Lord’s work

Pat and I had the joy of dedicating this little one to the Lord, notice the rubber glove on my hand, this is a safety measure. In the second photo, Guatemala law requires social distancing, so we have arranged our chairs according to families and singles.

We must take everybody’s body temperature when they enter the church, there is no cheek kissing, hugging or handshaking anymore. It’s hard not to show affection… but our congregation feels safe.   

Our Feeding Program is doing well

Fact: Guatemala ranks the fourth highest country in the world for chronic malnutrition among children and young people. Many of these children are victims of hunger because their dads have disappeared and their moms are not able to work. We are honored to help out. Thank you.

Fact: Mike Black Ministries uses a percentage of your donations to feed the children.

Children waiting to get their food

Along with this… As soon as Covid calms down in Guatemala, I have my eye on an additional  place to feed kids near our present feeding program. This will make our 3rd program.

Keeping our feeding program workers in the Word

This particular day, David shared the Word with our workers. David is full time and does our graphics for the church and Mike Black Ministries including all online outreaches, takes care of all our computers, cleans our ministry center, works with our children and runs the Praise and Worship Team at church.  

Please contact us if you need prayer support. We pray, and you are our concern as well. Love you, 

Missionaries / Pastors Mike and Pat