Update COVID-19

A short read

Dear Friends,

I know that everybody is emotionally busy right now, but this will calm down.  Pat and I really don’t know what’s happening in your area, but we should not be fearful about being cautious and wise in the covid-19 situation. You will adjust to the restrictions and really they are not so bad.  Staying healthy is the “Goal”.

Guatemala is on a 85% lock down, the borders are closed until further notice, there are no planes coming in or going out. There is no public transportation, gatherings of any kind, no church, non essentials stores are closed, etc…It is prohibited to work except for essential positions. 

  • We feel safe and secure in Guatemala, and we desire that you also feel the same wherever you are.
  • Now is the most important time to rally around your church even if your services are on live stream.


Missionaries Mike and Pat Black