Update – December 2018

The most amazing miracle…

 in the last 29 years as missionaries on the field, has been the fai

thful financial support of our friends and churches. How people included us in their monthly budget as a part of their lives is something deeper that Pat and I can comprehend.

We can only say with our deepest gratitude, “Thanks so much” for financing our lives, and the lives of our 5 full time and 2 part time employees that God uses to propagate the message and the works of Jesus Christ in Guatemala. You are all awesome!




During the last couple of weeks…

We hosted a group of  spiritually powerful young women from “East Coast Christian Center”, Florida.  They were required by their church to acquaint themselves with world missions as part of their internship requirements for ministry preparation. We just enjoyed each other so much and experienced God together.

Our Feeding Program in November and December

We served about 300 kids… Awesome.

In the photo below…

All these kids grew up in our El Rejon Children’s Club over the last 10 years, and now work faithfully in our Saturday Children’s Program and Thursday Feeding Program. I see a new outreach in the making with this group of kids for our ministry. Some go to a church, some are Catholic, and some are searching. My time and how I can finance something formal with these kids is being pursued.

As we say good bye to 2018, we thank God…

  1. for all those that have invested in our lives and the lives of the Guatemalan people.
  2. that there were no assaults against my family and staff
  3. for the ministry staff God has given to us

On behalf of Mike Black Ministries, we wish you a very wholesome and touching Christmas with your Family and your friends. We love you!

Mike and Pat Black
Missionaries to Guatemala since 1990