Update December 2019

Expect the holidays to be great!

Merry Christmas and may the New Year be better than you think!

Personal Words:

Central American Christians really do not celebrate Christmas, so the Christmas atmosphere in the church is squashed.  But not in my house. Pat has been collecting Christmas artifacts all her life and this year, our house looks like a Christmas museum. It’s very cool.

Personal note:

I am taking a break from Facebook for a while.  So, if we are Facebook friends, I apologize for not officially saying goodbye on my Profile page, “Mike Black Guatemala”. I love you all and have enjoyed your posts.  I will continue with my 2 “Fan Pages”: 

  1. Mike Black Ministry
  2. Centro de Avivamiento (The Church where we pastor)

This month at the “Revival Center Church”

We celebrated our “church workers”. These people are committed, faithful and make up at least 70% of our congregation and we still don’t have enough help. Hmmmm.  Another interesting fact about our church is that most of our congregation are women, something I just discovered a few weeks ago. (Update December 2019)

Pastors’ conference Update December 2019

I was asked to be the main speaker at a Pastors’ conference this month. Theme: Even the meekest of pastors do intense things for God.  It is always a deep privilege to talk to pastors and ministers.

Feeding program in December

We broke our attendance record this month with 490 children eating at our table. This was very overwhelming for us and a blessing.  We suppose that the attendance  will drop in January when school officially starts. (Update December 2019)

In conclusion: 

Those who financially support “Mike Black Ministries” will be receiving their tax deductible receipt from 2019 in the latter half of the second week in January 2020. Thank you once again. 

Always Grateful,

Missionaries / Pastors Mike and Pat  Black