Update December 2021

Update December 2021

We are happy to say that the Covid threat in Guatemala has dropped considerably and we are able to pick up the pace with confidence. Also, we are looking forward to doing some new forms of ministry in 2022. The future is exciting.

Planning a spectacular visit to Piedra Ancha

We are going up to our Piedra Ancha project next week with about 100 presents for the kids just to bless them, share a meal, have some fun and share the Word.

The rainy season has ended, and the only road that there is to get up there is partially in the riverbed which was destroyed.  A few weeks ago, about 38 men from the community spent the entire day pulling boulders out of the path and filling erosion with sand.

Why did they do this? 

They said “for Mike”. How humbling that is for me and such a gesture of their appreciation for feeding their children faithfully.

This picture just inspired me so much 

Reaching out to heal the sick

In this picture, you can see my arm stretching out of my pickup to pray for this man. He is an elderly Christian that I’ve seen around town forever. He told me that he’s tired of the pain in his legs and is looking forward to getting new legs in Heaven.

It turns out that he was an old friend of Roberto’s and Porfirio’s  grandfather. We were honored to give him an offering as well.  It’s amazing how God orchestrates divine encounters with  people,  like this man at the right place at the right time. God is always paying attention.

An appreciation lunch for the Feeding Program workers

We give thanks to the Lord and to all the kids that help us every Thursday with the Feeding Program.  Without their help we would be in trouble. We are feeding around 300 kids.  We are still dispatching their plate of food, “take out” style as a Covid safety measure. Our distribution strategy may change in January since the Covid threat has minimized in Guatemala.

Humberto has worked for us now 22 years

In addition: We are opening our Children’s Club in January, with two services.  The size of our property will only allow up to 80 chairs with the social distancing ordinance of 5 feet apart. We are very excited.

A word of thanks

Thank you so much for sharing your finances with us and for the work we do in Guatemala. We are very grateful.

Be looking for our colorful paper newsletter at the end of December. We have not put a newsletter out since the beginning of the pandemic. Also we are happy to share some exciting catch-up articles.

We love you so much,

Missionaries/ Pastors Mike and Pat Black