Update – February 2018

Dear Friends:

Thanks for taking the time to read our update.  We are glad that you are interested in how God is working in other parts of the world.


Ministering subjects that some youth need to hear

No poison 
No cutting the skin

I had the privilege of talking to about 300 young people at a Christian school in one of the most violent areas of Guatemala City.  My subject was, “What God has to say about cutting yourself”.

Believe it or not, you can find Biblical references about this subject. It’s interesting that city kids that move in these circles cut themselves on their wrists, forearms or legs and the young people in the villages drink venom.  Wow!

Mike with Students

Mike at Shofar

In conclusion:

I’m praying about doing a community campaign for youth about this issue in El Rejon, where we have our biggest feeding program.  I think it will educate and deliver a lot of depressed young people.

Our Church in Guatemala City

very church has its own flavor, objectives and direction.  The same is true for the Revival Center Church where Pat and I have pastored for the last 23 years. From the day our church was born until today, the cry of our heart has been to see an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit on our church for the sake of the people we serve in Guatemala.

I’m proud of my wife Pat for having taken the time to prepare ten 5-minute segments on “Keys to Revival.”

We just want to see Heaven on Earth and a deluge of the majesty of God transforming lives.

Pat and I - Revival Center Church

My little friends in Piedra Ancha

I’ll be bringing a team from Move Church, in Mississippi, to visit our ministry and work in Piedra Ancha with us in about two weeks.

Children from Piedra Ancha

Thank you to all who support our work in your heart and also financially.