Update – February 2019

Dear Friends,

We hope all is well and that you have settled into your new year, 2019. As far as Pat and I, we did some fasting, worked on a paper newsletter for several weeks and also made preparations to take care of ministry business in the Melbourne, Florida area, this week coming up. A very short trip. 

What’s new?

We have the privilege of sharing the Word this Sunday the 10th of February at 10:am at:

Church on the Rock 
 4028 South Babcock St.
 Melbourne, Florida
Pastor Tony Hauck
Phone # 321-724- 5433

AND on Wednesday, the 13th, we will be sharing the Word, at 7pm at:

Freedom Christian Center
 7250 Lake Andrew Dr,
  Viera – Melbourne, Florida
Pastor Tim Franklin
Phone #321- 622- 6999

→ If you would like to join us at any of these two churches, we would love to see you.

Starting in January we are adding chicken to the Feeding Program menu

God has hooked us up with a new church called Rose Heights Church of God, also through another  referral that has visited our children’s  Feeding Program in El Rejón several times. This church  specifically want us to use their donation to put  a piece of chicken on the plate of every child.

This is such a blessing because the parents of our kids are to poor to provide chicken or meat at their homes.

Short story

The other day while leaving our Children’s Club, I gave a 77-year-old man, (like the man in the photo), a ride to town. On his back and strapped to his head, he was carrying about 70 lbs. of vegetables.

He was wearing raggy worn out clothes.  He was shriveled up, tired and moving slowly.  I invited him to our Feeding Program for a plate of food and then I wondered how many elderly people like him, also need a plate of food.

Well, I think we can spare some extra beans, rice, tortillas and a drink for people like him.  What do you say?

In conclusion

Be expecting to receive in the mail, a full color, 4 page newsletter. It has some great testimonies.

And, we thank you for your prayers and financial help. Your giving has been our greatest ongoing miracle that we have experienced in the last 29 years on the mission field; Thank you.

Love you eternally,
Mike and Pat Black