Update – January 2018

Dear friends,

Welcome to the New Year and thanks for being with us in 2017. We appreciated the financial help, your prayers and all those who were able to visit us during the year.

Pat and I were very inspired at the beginning of the year to go on an extended fast for 10 days which we have already started. We need some breakthroughs like most people, so we decided to step out of the ordinary into the extraordinary. We are excited and persevering in our fast.

Reaching back to December, we did some awesome things

About 50 of our Children’s Club workers went on their first retreat

We were blessed to receive special offerings from some generous people which covered all our costs for the retreat. Also, each of the kids paid a symbolic $1.20 for their inscription.

Our theme was “Glued to the Cross” which centered around explaining salvation, encouraging a lifetime commitment and prophetic ministry to each young person. This retreat was a move of God for all of us.

Children's Club Leader - Boys

Worship at retreat

Mike praying for kids

We are now able to deliver supplies to our feeding program in Piedra Ancha

The rainy season of 2017 destroyed the road in and out of the river, keeping us from actually driving up to our feeding program in Piedra Ancha.  Nevertheless, the food supplies did get up there on horseback.

Since our last drive to the river’s edge in December, the dirt road and river bed have been graded and the deep gouges, that the rain had caused, have been filled via heavy equipment recently.  We are now able to get to the top.

First river - Piedra Ancha

Mike unpacking supplies


And at the end of December

Pat and I went to Denver, Colorado for a few days to visit our two sons, Luke and Bart, and to do some office work for the ministry.  Our highlight was celebrating Bart’s birthday which we have not done in many years together.

Bart, as you know, is our stateside office manager and handles the donations that the ministry receives along with other business. He has done a great job this last year.


In conclusion:

We bless your new year, your health, finances, perseverance and your relationship with God. Thank you for everything.


Missionaries /Pastors Mike and Pat Black