Update January 2020

Welcome to a
New Year!

Ask God to do the impossible in 2020 for you,
your family, your finances or for somebody else. 
If God can pass a camel through the eye of a needle,
He can do something just as extraordinary for you.   

Matthew 19:24-26.


I had an opportunity to spend the last week of  December,  in Denver, Colorado with my son Bart, and helped him with some ministry office duties and some projects that required two people. I was very blessed to meet with Bart’s new pastor at “Word Alive Church”, Denver. The visit gave me a lot of joy but the cold weather, not so much.

The cold is not my thing

A special thanks to “Mill Church”
Pastor Bryan Holder of South Carolina

Mill Church is a very new acquaintance with me personally, but not to our Children’s Program, in El Rejón. Let me explain:

This Church comes down to Guatemala every December to work with another missionary organization. But through a referral to us, Mill Church has brought Christmas gifts for about 350 kids for the last three years to our Children’s Program.

I finally met Pastor Bryan and spent the day with him and his team.  Great people with big hearts. Thank you very much Mill Church.

(Update January 2020)

A “sudden” time of prophetic ministry for the women at the Revival Center Church, Guatemala

I enjoy our church very much for the relaxed atmosphere of changing the “program and the protocol” during the service, when God wants to do something different with the congregation.

This was another great service

In conclusion:

Thank you to all who sent donations to the ministry in the months of November and December. We were able to buy our Guatemalan staff a “microwave” which none of them had previously.  This was so exciting for us. God Bless you!

Sincerely grateful,

Missionaries /Pastors Mike and Pat Black
(Update January 2020)