Update January 2022

To our “Esteemed Friends,”
We said in December, that Covid was disappearing in Guatemala but after Christmas it took a leap up, in spite of that, we have continued with our plans to expand, and we are just being very careful. We declare a great year in God over you, so please receive our blessing, in Jesus’ name.

We made it up to Piedra Ancha right before Christmas

There has never been a time that we have gone up to visit these people, that I have not been overwhelmed with love and joy. I’m going to put a lot of pictures in this article, which will explain everything.

Road to Piedra Ancha

In conclusion: your giving into Mike Black Ministries, made this a wonderful day. Thank you!

Yes, we finally reopened the Saturday Children’s Club

The first Saturday, we had 225 children and 25 workers ranging from 10 to 18 years old. We are providing two services due to covid restrictions and social distancing. Sadly, we had to turn away about 40 kids because we did not have enough space. The following Saturday we arranged the seats differently so more children could enter. These kids receive a nice ham sandwich when they leave. Thanks everybody!

And I’d like to share a testimony about…

…one of the youths that we raised up from a child to a teenager. Jose is 16 years old and works as a volunteer faithfully in the Feeding Program and the Saturday Children’s Club. He is sweet, kind and is a tremendous asset to us.

He lives in a very small house made of block and sheets of tin, with his Mom and Dad, brothers and 4 uncles. From what I’ve been told, he has been abused in many ways by those he lives with. He’s a defeated person at 16 years old.

Here is the story:

One day he came to me, very timid and asked if I had work for him… the conversation turned into an investigation on my part. He told me that he didn’t have shoes and that he had to borrow his uncle’s shoes which always turned into an outrage. I gave him a day’s work at my house, paid him for his day and then gave him money to buy a pair of work boots. God always takes care of people like him. Thank you for being a part of this testimony.


In conclusion

On a personal note, thank you so much for the donations, offerings, and gifts that you sent us in December… They were overwhelming!

Love to all of you,

Missionaries / Pastors  Mike and Pat Black