Update – July 2018

Dear Friends,

We hope you’re having a great summer and are enjoying “life” where you can. We have had some nice experiences with family in the last couple of weeks which was a great blessing.

Some details about our church in Guatemala

Starting this Sunday at 11:15 am MST o 1:15 pm EST,  we will be transmitting the message on Facebook live, our equipment is basic, so let’s see how it turns out.

If you decide to tune in at this hour,  you will find us finishing up our time of worship and then we will be entering into the Word. It’s all in Spanish, but we welcome all of you to take a look.

-> Like ushttp://facebook.com/centrodeavivamientoguate

Basic Equipment to LiveStream

Our church seems to be one of those churches that move a lot in the spiritual gifts and in prophetic worship and ministry. We experience instant healing miracles frequently and other moving experiences in God.

Pastor Mike

Praying for people

A trip to Piedra Ancha

We made a trip to Piedra Ancha to drop off food for the feeding program, give out some really cool pillowcase dresses and Barbie dolls for the girls and for the boys, bags of marbles and coloring books, these things were a hit.

Our oldest son, Luke, came down to visit

It was a great family time with our oldest son, Luke. We went to a coffee plantation for lunch next to the volcano that just blew up in June plus some other fun family activities.

In conclusion

We appreciate you being a part of our lives in Guatemala. Thank you and remember we lift you before the Lord every day. God bless you.


Mike and Pat Black