Update July 2020

Dear Friends,

 I would like to encourage you to live above the distractions going on in America at this time. Yes, it is ugly, evil and beyond disturbing. Prayer still works and demons still bow the knee to Jesus Christ. Pray for your political leaders, your pastor and the people caught up in this time of hate, lawlessness and destruction.

Update july 2020

Feeding Program – Come Back Piedra Ancha

Due to so many obstacles in providing the children of Piedra Ancha with a great feeding program, we sadly had to suspended it a while ago.  Well, we found a different and an effective way to feed the children with something suitable.  We now send money directly to our loyal connection who lives there, and he buys the food and does everything.  We are very happy to resume this outreach.

Pastoring has taken us to a new level during the Covid age

Our church has been closed and I haven’t seen my congregation since the middle of March. A good majority of my people don’t have internet and lose out on receiving a lot of communication provided by us.  

During this time of separation,  I have learned how much a phone call means to the people and through this, how much they need to hear from their pastor and know that somebody cares about them, especially during the Covid age. I believe the people will remember the phone call more than the Sunday message.

As a pastor, I am responsible before God to pastor the sheep even though I cannot shake their hand on Sunday.

In reference to our last update

We shared testimonies of people who received  cash gifts from Pat and I in order to put food on their tables, pay for their gas and electricity, medicine, etc. amid Covid problems.  Within a few days of that update, thousands of dollars extra came into the ministry from those who wanted to be part of this “compassion” revival.

We are already overwhelmed with the financial faithfulness of all who support this ministry but we also felt this particular experience of special giving worthy of sharing.  

See our live church service in spanish

In conclusion:  

We are very limited in what we can do right now due to government restrictions amid Covid, but the ministry is totally intact. My family and I are safe and God has been so good to us through your prayers and financial support. Thank you.

Just for fun… I want to tell you that:

  • I haven’t worn dress pants since March and
  • this week was the first time since March that I put gas in my truck

God Bless you,
Missionaries /Pastors Mike and Pat

Update july 2020