Update – June 2018

Dear Friends:

Hope you are moving forward, even if it’s little by little. Times of stagnation do come to an end, hang in there!

Volcanic eruption in Guatemala

In regards to the volcanic eruption near our house, we are safe and out of arms way.  A lot of sand and ash fell at our house.  But it’s nothing compared to what happened along the path of the raging rivers of scalding hot ash mixed with gases, sand, water, rocks and lava that swallowed up whatever and whoever was in its path.

This river broke over the highway about 25 miles from our house. The demographics of this volcano would not have favored a lava flow in our direction but just the same, nobody is exempt from calamity.

Volcanic Eruption


 A magnificent week with family

My son Bart and my younger brother Rob and his family recently came down to Guatemala for a week to check things out. This was my brother’s first time out of the USA and a life changing experience for him and his family. Our mother, Irma would have been so proud of him for taking this leap into our life and ministry in Guatemala. Awesome!

I’m so proud of my wife

Pat has been studying for over a year how to conduct a Jewish Seder dinner.  So when my family from the North was here, Pat ministered her first Seder dinner, celebrating Christ, who is our Passover Lamb. She put so much into this and God showed up.  The funny part was when we all gagged from putting too much horseradish in our mouths. This time together in the Lord was special.


In Conclusion:

To read our special up-date edition of the volcano eruption in Guatemala with pictures of the experience click here. Maybe some of you are interested in taking a look.  In regards to this volcanic eruption near our house, we want to thank all those who called us, sent e-mails and Facebook messages. This last week really was an emotional time for us.  God bless you.

PS:  Be expecting one of our colorful paper newsletters soon.

With lots of love
Mike and Pat