Update June 2020

Dear Friends,

Regardless of the times we live in, 1the Gospel must be preached to the lost and 2the goodness of God must be demonstrated to the needy, the hungry and the afflicted.

Since Guatemala went on lock down in March amid Covid-19, our work has been restrained by the government in many ways,  but  the compassion to reach out, continues.


Giving small cash gifts of 30 to 50 dollarsto church members and friends that already live in poverty and people who have lost their jobs since the beginning of the pandemic in Guatemala.

The fight for survival has engulfed the majority of this country and we are helping just a few.

Here are some testimonies


We have a widow in our church who takes care of an orphan, a grandson that her daughter does not want and her own son. She sells food on the street to make her living, but people are not buying.

Next morning, she sat down at the table, looked around and see that there’s nothing to eat. Her breakfast was her tears. We helped her out immediately with sadness for her situation and with joy that the Lord had provision for her.

Update June 2020


We know a lady that has come to our church in the past.  She is a young widow with a big family. She lost her husband to an assassin’s bullet about 3 years ago.  Someone in her house was tested positive for Covid-19, the next week she tested positive for the virus but was not hospitalized.

Her whole family of 9, is in quarantine and because she lives on the second floor, the only way to get food to her is through a window with a rope. We helped her out.

This is where this lady lives


The man in this photo is a friend of ours who cannot find work and is without food.  We sent Roberto to give him a bag of food and $12 cash.

Giving thanks with a grateful heart


Brenda and Marlon go to our church.  They live in a one room apartment and share a bathroom with other  tenants. When Pat called them, they were fighting about  how they were going to survive. Well, we sent them some money and this was their response.  

       “Good day sister Pat, we received the offering and we thank you very much for the help. May God triple and bless you greatly. Thank you for your comforting words and wisdom.”


We have friends who are graduates of our Bible School and members of our church who live in an apartment of about 800 sq ft. with one bathroom. There are 10 people in their family who occupy this space.
Somebody in this home contracted Covid -19 and was sent to the hospital.  It was not a severe case, but everybody was in quarantine for 14 days.  NO income, no savings in the bank, no food.  God laid this family on my heart while I was praying. I found out what was happening when I called them and. We immediately sent them a cash gift and this was their response.

Esteemed Pastor Mike,

 “Thank you very much for your effort in wanting to bless us. God has answered our prayers ,we give God the glory. From the deepest part of our heart,  we thank you for the offering.”  

In conclusion

As American citizens, we grieve for what is happening in our own country, but we grieve even greater for collapsed hospitals systems and the hopelessness that the majority of Guatemala and the rest of the world are facing.

Pat and I have food and we’re comfortable. Having said this, we are very grateful for people like you who help us and anothers too. 

Any extra contributions for this cause are welcome.


Pastors / Missionaries Mike and Pat Black

Update June 2020