Update June 2022

Hello Everybody!

It’s a Praise the Lord Month.

Highlights from


This month has been life changing for Pat and me, as we hosted our second short term mission group from Rose Heights Church of God in Tyler, Texas. Here’s the story of a fabulous week with this group.

 – Day #1. We replaced a section of a security wall, did some painting and some electrical work. Don’t know if this was life changing for anyone, but it sure helped us out.

Day #2. The Feeding Program, well, we got rained out. The kids ran home leaving whole pieces of chicken on their plates while their plates filled up with rainwater. Of course, we all felt bad.

Day #3. We had a Children’s Campaign in the bushes of Piedra Ancha because we could not get to the village. The river filled up and we couldn’t cross it as usual. About 100 kids and their parents walked about 2 to 3 miles down the mountain to meet us, and we had an awesome time. There was the Word, games, food and toys for all the children, donated by this visiting church.

The green bags are full of toys purchased by the visiting church.

Day #4. Saturday, Children’s Church in El Rejón.

Day #5. Church, Pastor Dan did a super job sharing the Word.

Day #6. The group left on this day but missed their flight due to the traffic. What was at the most a 1-and-a-half-hour drive instead took 2 and a half hours. A real bummer for them.

And apart from that:

Just this last week a tropical storm bumped into the Pacific coast of Guatemala dumping tons of rain. As a result, there were some landslides in El Rejón where we have our Feeding Program and Children’s Club. There were no injuries to anybody from that, BUT… as the rain continued, the sister of one of our Children’s Club workers along with her two children, 8 and 10 years old, WERE SWEPT away down into a ravine when they tried to cross the rushing run off from the rain. Unfortunately, the mom died but by a miracle the two children were rescued alive.

This is where the mom and her kids where swept away

During the last two weeks, bridges have collapsed, roads are sinking, mudslides are everywhere, and flooding is taking its toll where the people who already have nothing, lose what little they have. There are very few principal roads throughout  Guatemala and all of them are damaged. Getting from one place to another is now a crisis.

We use this road everyday. Nobody was hurt.

In conclusion:

Think on this. The goodness of God starts with you, your financial support, your prayers and how God uses those whom He sends around the world. Living for Jesus, supporting the local church and world missions are never wasted. Thanks for reaching out to us!

Missionaries/Pastors Mike and Pat Black