Update March 2022

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for taking the time to read our update. We appreciate your support more that you can imagine.  Here are some highlights of what we have been doing.

We replaced the roof at the ministry center

We had to replace the roof on the other building that the ministry owns. There were cracks everywhere due to seismic activity that Guatemala experiences plus the poor quality of roofing material that was available 15 years ago. The last time we had a group from the States; rain water fell on some of them. Oops! 

Ministered at two different pastors’ conferences

It’s always an honor to be invited to minister to Pastors and Church Leaders. At the first conference I talked about my deep experiences with the Holy Spirit and how it produced a deep surrender to God, in the second conference I talked about “ministerial expectations” that end up deceiving us and hurting us.

This month… The Revival Center Church celebrates its 27th anniversary

As an unusual way to celebrate our 27th anniversary, we dedicated the whole month to teaching on the 12 disciples as the original pillars of our Church. Just this last Sunday, we baptized 20 saints in our homemade tank. One lady who was baptized is 80 years old! She climbed in and out, awesome.

This Sunday, we will have a drama, in which 12 young men, representing the 12 disciples, are going to share, about 4 minutes each, of what impressed them the most about walking with Jesus.

All the candidates for baptism

Always enjoy getting Feeding Program pictures from Piedra Ancha

We will be going up there in May with a small mission group. The rainy season will be early, if we have walk up there even half way, we will. It won’t be the first time.

In conclusion

Well… that’s it for now. Thank you for your financial support of Mike Black Ministries. We pray over all of you everyday. God bless you.    

Mike and Pat Black