Update May 2021


We are on the rebound, as we said:

We opened our youth ministry in El Rejón, where we have the Feeding Program. The kids in the photo are some of those who faithfully help us distribute 400 plates of food for the Feeding Program. After a Covid year of not seeing them, they have grown up and even look different.  I’m so happy to be with them again, such great kids.

This is a meeting with the youth

Church Life: Stay steady people and pastors

Our church in Guatemala, along with all the churches around the world, has suffered collateral damage from Covid and of course the recovery of any of these churches depend on where you are in the world.  In Guatemala, the churches have social distancing requirements and restrictions which we are following.
Since our church opened 6 months ago, we have lost about 30% of our congregation, which has devastated our financial base.  For me, having to be under government time restrictions has really bummed me out. Our church has been functional but blah.   
About 5 weeks ago, a strong Presence of God came into the church. The next week, people were born again, visitors started showing up and staying, the gifts of the Holy Spirit started moving again and encouragement is flowing once again.  God has a purpose for the “Revival Center Church” and I prophesy that God has a purpose for your church as well. Stay steady.

Praying for Israel and the Palestinian Christians

Personal news:

I. May was the month of overhauling the transmission on my new pickup and replacing two fuel pumps in the other two vehicles that we use.  Although it was very inconvenient, the blessing was found in being able to get all the car parts in Guatemala.

II. We finally completed putting on the new roof on one of the buildings at our ministry center.

III. We are diligently knocking on all doors again to acquire permanent USA visas for my kids and grandkids in Guatemala. If any of you have an influential friend in the “State Department,” please let us know.

In conclusion

Thank you for supporting Mike Black Ministries, we are a Move of God and so are you.

Missionaries / Pastors  Mike and Pat Black

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