Update May 2022

Hi Everybody,

The month of May was awesome for us, as we were given the opportunity to host our first missions team from East Coast Christian Center, Merritt Island, Florida, since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Kingdom of God in Guatemala took a leap forward that week, blessing hundreds of children with brand new shoes. Some of the exterior walls of our Ministry Center were painted and the group gave us an electrical makeover in one of the principal buildings that we use.

Thank you, East Coast Christian Center for sending this group to us!

Putting shoes on the kids

The last two photos in this segment are very precious to us

This little boy fell on his head when he was a baby and since then, he is crippled and very disabled.

It was such an honor to carry him in my arms on our way to get some shoes.

The young man with the cane, is blind and has been with us for at least 10 years.

He lives about 2 to 3 miles away from the Club and walks on a mountain path to get to the Club when he can.

Thank you again “East Coast Christian Center” for the confidence and the love.

And June 7th…

We are excited to host a new group of friends from, Rose Heights Church of God, Tyler, Texas. This Church has been helping us with our Feeding Program for several years. Can’t wait to meet them!

A scary situation at our Children’s Club

About two weeks ago, a little girl of 4 years old came to the Children’s Club with a high fever. Of course, we did not know that she was sick. She fell out of her chair and started to convulse and then went blank.

She looked dead, there was no response at all. We could not tell if she was breathing… she looked dead to me or maybe she went into shock. Her 15-year-old cousin, who was watching her, carried her outside of our property. Still without a response, I did not see this little girl turn blue, but had my doubts.

We prayed for her and a minute later her eyes started to move. She did not die, and we are grateful that she did not die on our property, or I would be in jail today.

The Children’s Club and the Feeding Program are doing great.

In conclusion:

That’s it for now. A day never goes by that we don’t thank God for YOU and your partnership with us.

God Bless You,

Missionaries /Pastors Mike and Pat Black