Update November 2018

An afternoon with our Children’s Club workers

Our Children’s Club and Feeding Program have recruited about 55 faithful kids who help us every Thursday and Saturday with our programs  They are between the ages of 11 to 16. These kids have grown up in our programs and now serve the children. They are amazing!

About every 3 months, we spend a Saturday afternoon with these workers playing games, eating and ministering the Word to their hearts. The majority of our kids do not attend a church, so we are grateful that we can be a supplement ministry to them for the time being.

Between what you do financially, what we do administratively and what they do, together we are transforming a generation of children in this town.


Administratively, we are seeing some financial challenges coming up in 2019. Our financial base has begun to shrink, and we understand everybody’s situation.  Now, if sowing into missions is a possibility in your budget, would you consider partnering with Mike Black Ministries?

Feeding hungry children is part of the ministry of Jesus

We have been feeding hungry children in Guatemala for many years as a vital part of our ministry. It is life giving and life sustaining for these kids due to the extreme poverty that they experience every day. The parents of our kids are always expressing their gratitude to us which certainly encourages us.

Our program has edged up to 300 plus kids every Thursday and so has the cost to pay for this outreach. We recently sent out a “Facebook” plea for new money for this program because at the time we only had two months left in our reserve. Well, many friends who already give to the ministry as well as a few new supporters stepped in and provided us with two more months of financing. Our feeding program now cost us about $750 to $800 per month, so you can see that the money goes fast.

This is a worthy place in the ministry of our Lord, to help financially. Please consider working with us and together we can move these kids a little farther down the road of life.

Giving thanks:

Thanks to everyone who has helped us, at any time in our missionary experience get us as far as we have in ministry. All of you are storing up treasures in Heaven.

Matthew 6:19-20  Jesus said,

But lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven”