Update November 2019

Hi to All Our Friends,
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What does Guatemala City look like?

Here is a great photo looking towards the west. We live in the dark part of the photo, near the volcano. Of course, there is much more city to the left and to the right of this picture.  Approximately 4 million people live in the area. The city has no highways. 

We travel on one major East and West commercial road and one major street going North and South. There are hardly any parking spaces anywhere. The rush hour starts at 3 pm and ends about 9:30 pm.  The average speed in a car during the evening rush hour runs about 8 mph, with motorcycles driving in between cars on both sides.  I love the photo.

View of Guatemala City from mountain

The Children’s Club during these months is running about…

325 kids every Saturday

Indigenous kids in christian program

And the Feeding Program on Thursdays is running about

380 children

kids eating in little tables
In this picture we have about 60 kids waiting outside for a table.
kid with soccer tshirt eating tortilla and soup

We just took a trip to Piedra Ancha, 
El Progreso / Guatemala

Our motive was to visit our coordinator up there, visit the children, give them coloring books, crayons and some sandals. It was very moving experience like always.

River with white pickup 4wd
sandwichs from Piedra Ancha's People
people from Piedra Ancha Guatemala
kids seating waiting from meal
kids standng with sandals in their hands

On a personal note: 

We are grateful for your financial help, like always. Our safety here is always a priority.

We appreciate you being part of Mike Black Ministries. 

Love Mike and Pat Black