Update November 2020

Dear Friends,

In this update, I want to thank God for giving us:

  • a winning plan, even though sometimes we cannot see it.
  • a moral compass to point us in the right direction.
  • His Word, so that we can replace our thoughts with His thoughts and
  • an anchor for our soul.   We will be all right!  

Update November 2020

Quick News

  • Our son Roberto is recovering nicely from a fractured spine after 2 months.
  • The churches in Guatemala are starting to reopen after 8 months of being closed.
  • The spread of Covid-19 is declining in Guatemala and wearing a face mask is still mandatory.

Our church is reopening this Sunday

Before I say anything else, I want to thank God for financially sustaining our church during its closure.  There were so many people who lost their jobs and really struggled yet there were those who had income and tithed.  I have never been so convinced until now, how much God loves the Revival Center Church and what we do as a congregation.

We had our first music practice three weeks ago and several administrative meetings in preparation for our great comeback.

The government is only giving the churches one hour to do their thing, social distancing, and other requirements.  

Our Feeding Program in El Rejón

We have been given permission by the town council to restart our Feeding Program which will be another Covid challenge. For now, their plate of food will be “take out” as part of the procedure.  We will see at least 350 or more kids standing in line with the social distancing requirement .
Something sweet to think about: The last time Roberto and Porfirio drove up to our property, where we have the Children’s Club, there were many children in the streets cheering and waving to them.  

On a national level

Last week, the north and east side of Guatemala was hit with the remains of Hurricane ETAmy goodness, such damage, destruction, and loss of life. Here are some photos.

In conclusion:  

  1. Our hearts and righteous desires for America are with you.
  2. We live profoundly grateful for your prayers and financial support of our work in Guatemala. We know you were under the stress of Covid, but yet continued to give.  How amazing you are! God will never forget you.


your representatives in Guatemala,

Mike and Pat Black

Update November 2020