Update – October 2018

Dear Friends:

I would like to share something as a spiritual leader in the Body of Christ about the ideological warfare that’s going on in America.  1None of us should turn a blind eye to what’s happening in our country 2nor should we be afraid to speak up for righteousness–God’s righteousness.

I want to clarify for the record, that I cannot be in agreement with the political party who wants to: usher in socialism, abort babies, take away the 2nd amendment then our Constitution’s freedom of speech and religion and destroy the righteous in their path.

We are all in a new day politically and we are not going to stop the end times either.  But, we can preserve “the good” that we have  today through prayer and by writing or calling our congressmen, senators and whoever relates to government with our Godly advice. Let’s rise up to the occasion.

“When the righteousness are in authority, the people rejoice, but when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn” Prv. 29:2

I participated in a “Right to Life” march in Guatemala

Guatemala is toiling with legislation, at this time in its history, to legalize abortion.  With my deep convictions against this atrocity, I spent my Sunday afternoon with some other believers from our church participating in the march. The investment was very fulfilling.

About 10,000 people came in a light rain to show their support for “Right to Life”.  The Municipality of Guatemala City commented on how clean these people left the Central Park after their rally.

A new and welcome tarp at the Children Program

Well, it was just time to buy another tarp for shade, which we all appreciated very much!

An interesting visit with displaced volcano victims

I visited a “relief camp” where the people who lost everything in the volcanic eruption in June are now living.  There are about 1,000 people in this particular camp.

Understanding that everybody in this camp lost their houses, lands, cars, personal items and experienced the trauma of violently losing a loved one in this disaster, I asked a pastor who lived through this and who also is raising up a church in this camp…  What do you tell these people at your church?  What do you minister on?  There was such a heaviness of grief and anger in him, as well as on all these people in the camp, and with reason.

I saw that a hug, or a bag of food didn’t mean anything to them now, because what they really wanted was their life and their loved ones back. 
I left this camp thinking about all the disasters that happen around the world and wondered how do these people heal and how can they believe that God loves them. To say the least, I felt very helpless.

In conclusion:

September was a very busy month but a fruitful month.  Our church, feeding programs, children program and radio are doing well, but our finances are dropping somewhat.  Thanks to all of you who help us financially!! We are good ground.

Love you all,

Missionaries / Pastors Mike and Pat Black