Update October 2021

Dear Friends,
Thank you for taking the time to read this update. We declare the blessing, the grace and the prosperity of God over your lives and churches every day.

General News

Our church and our biggest Feeding Program had to close for 5 weeks due to an intense wave of Covid passing through Guatemala.  I have always respected the virus in terms of being very cautious with it, but I really never feared the virus until this time. We have resumed our church services and now we are rebuilding the momentum.

Church news

I’m very excited to share that our church recently passed out 4,000 fliers, door to door, making our neighbors aware  that our church is within their walking distance.

Some of the teams

Our Feeding Program in Piedra Ancha is a work of love

Since the pandemic, we now send money to our coordinator to manage our program.  His dedication to these kids is astounding and so is his effort. He goes down the mountain walking with his skinny horse, takes a bus to town, buys what he needs and returns home. He, his wife and others help with preparing the food, and then he gives the children a Bible lesson. It’s the only time that these kids will learn about God.

All these people help carry the food up the mountain, it’s a 3 hour walk
Eggs for the program

Our Feeding Program in El Rejón has touched a little town with God’s love and yours

We are open and feeding the children once again. Prior to closing this program for a few weeks, one of the youth helpers told me that people in this town were dying every day from Covid… well it was time to get my staff out of there for awhile as a safety measure.  We now are back and the Covid threat has calmed down but we are still on high alert. The town council expressed its gratitude to us, for the support we are giving their people and children. Praise God.

We have a great team of about 20 youth helping out
All is take out

Thank you for your generous financial support and friendship that you all give us. We miss you all.

Missionaries / Pastors Mike and Pat Black