Update September 2019

Dearest Friends,
We would like to share some interesting things that are going on with us and the ministries in Guatemala through this update.  We hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading it.

There is never a day that passes that we don’t give thanks for you and our financial partners. As I always say, you will see the fruit of your investment in Heaven. We reach a lot of hidden and forgotten people. It’s a privilege.

On a personal note

Read this story about this 12-year-old girl

Her life changed overnight

The young lady that is wiping her tears away is 12 years old. Her mother died in childbirth just a few days before we took these pictures.  This girl is the baby’s sister and was given the responsibility to be her mother.

Her father works in the fields and nobody among her aunts wanted the baby. We’re very sorry for the loss of her mom, but now this 12-year-old is not going to play like other little girls, go to school or plan her own future, she’s now a mom. 

We are amazed that she continues to come to the Feeding Program with the baby strapped on her back to servewash dishes and lend a hand like before. So proud to be with people like her.

What do you think about plastic socks?

Another interesting story

I can’t help but be amazed on how practical needy people manage their affairs and how they make do with what they have. I saw this little girl at the Children’s Club the other day with plastic socks on her feet. Of course, it’s rainy season and her folks don’t want her feet to get wet, but can you imagine the sweat?  

Family life at the Black’s

A good financial plan

Although our son, Porfirio, is full time staff with “Mike Black Ministries”,  Pat and I are thinking about some other financial opportunities for him.  He can repair cellphones anywhere in the world. So, we are sending him to a “special technical school” once a week, where he is learning how to fix cell phones.

Porfirio has a gift for fixing electronics, especially in this area. He loves it and is already making some extra money on the side, fixing cell phones.

In Conclusion

For those who have asked about Porfirio’s tourist visa… we are stuck right now and are investigating a “Plan B”.

Apart from that, be looking for a colorful paper newsletter  in the mail during the first week of October.

You are loved,  Mike y Pat