Update September 2020

Dear Friends,

We hope you’re having a great summer and are enjoying life where you can. We have had some nice experiences with family in the last couple of weeks. 

Update september 2020

Personal News

Two weeks ago our son, Roberto, fell through the roof at our Ministry Center in Santiago.  He fell 12 feet onto a concrete floor and fractured his spine and crushed 3 vertebras. He was fortunate that the vertebras broke outward and not inward which would have cut his spinal cord and paralyzed him. 

Roberto was in the hospital for 3 nights and did not need surgery. His head and his body still hurt and he will be out of commission for 6 more weeks. He is easy to take care of and in the light of being a right-hand man to Pat and I, his work load has fallen on us.

We are grateful because his injuries could have been worse.

National News

Covid infections are averaging about 900 cases a day, so they say. The statistics are unreliable and people are moving around as if everything is back to normal and there is no imminent threat. There are still government restrictions, a curfew and mandatory usage of mask.

We have been wearing a mask since March and to be honest, I’m tired of mine. Guatemala will be opening the airport and it borders for the first time since March on the 18th of this month. We are encouraged.

This is what social distancing looked like at the Terminal Market in the city, when some of the restrictions were lifted.

Operation Cash Gift

From the contents of our June update explaining the hardships, the loss of jobs and need for food on the table amid Guatemala’s Covid shut down, thousands of dollars unexpectedly and compassionately came into the ministry to help our church people and those of our circle to physically survive. These needs are tapering off as people are slowly going back to work. We are still reaching out with what is left of this miracle money.

Thank you for caring about the people we love and care so much about. These special offerings made a tremendous impact on us and on the people that received your financial blessings.

Pastor Edgar

Upcoming Project ($)

We are in need of replacing the 2 roofs at the Ministry Center in Santiago, when we are able.  Years ago, when we installed the existing roofing, we had to buy what the country offered. It is super heavy and soft especially when it rains.

This roofing material no longer exists and now we can buy metal roofing material that has a life expectance of 40 years, plus it hardly weighs anything. 

Ministry center

In conclusion:

We want to say thank you so much for your support of Mike Black Ministries.


Missionaries/Pastors Mike y Pat

Update september 2020